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Amidst the current state of the restaurant industry, Chef Christian Hayes has been forced to close the dining room of his flagship restaurant, The Garrison.
In it's place he has launched ThoroughFare, an indulgent take-out operation put into place to survive the dire straits of the pandemic. ThoroughFare is and always has been a means for The Garrison to return when the proper time comes.

The Chef's Table series sees the return of The Garrison, in a different form for now - but just as special. Diners will be taken to our outdoor garden to a solitary table overlooking the Royal River, and dine amongst the rushing water, birds, ducks, flowers, and blooming produce. Here, our guests will enjoy a 10 course dining experience accompanied by a carefully curated wine tasting.

Menus change on a whim, and are based around what comes from our organic soil and purveyors surrounding us during that day. It is truly exclusive to your experience.

Please note - The prix-fixe cost includes 10 courses and the wine pairings. Additional beverages and gratuity are not included.

Please note - During these strange and trying times, we are taking the pandemic very seriously and require guests to wear a mask when they are away from their dining table. Our team in the kitchen and front-of-house will be wearing theirs at all times, and we can assure you this is the protocol for any team member who is on premises at any time. The safety of our staff members and guests is priority number one. We thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe experience.

Please note - Based on the fundamental nature of spontaneity  of this Chef's Table series, we apologize for the lack of ability to preemptively plan for dietary restrictions. We thank you for understanding.

Please note - We unfortunately cannot accommodate wheelchair access to our gardens at this time. A 6 step staircase is required to access the remote location. We are incredibly sorry that we cannot provide access at this time.

We cannot wait to have you as our guests.
These tickets are non-refundable except for the unfortunate cancellation due to weather.
In the case that we do have to cancel dinner due to weather, we will work directly with you to reschedule a date that will work for both parties.

In the case you need to cancel - you are more than welcome to sell your tickets to another party as long as we are provided with their contact information so we coordinate and confirm with them.

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